Need List Of Third Party Developers In Usa


I have 3 active websites (non of which use CS-Cart). I have been trying to upgrade one of these sites using CS-Cart. After 1 year I have reached my limit for finalizing the site due to my limitations as a small business owner with some general technical knowledge.

I am looking for USA based companies or individuals who can help me with some custom design and functional features. We would need these services for years to come as we need to convert other websites to CSCART (Ultimate 4.0) Thanks for your consideration. Kevin

There are many 3rd party developers here on the forums. Some specialize in front-end development, others (like us) on back-end development. And there are some that do both.

Suggest you just take a look at the new content listings. You'll find many post almost every day here. They can generally be identified by their having an avatar (picture) with their name. The majority are non-usa, but there are several that are based here. You can contact us via the link in my signature or go to ez merchant solutions:contact us and we'd be happy to review your needs.