Need Host For Multiple Storefronts?

We are looking for a host (or recommendations on server configuration) that can handle Cs-cart with 5 storefronts. The catch is we want all 5 to have different IP addresses. Is this possible?

Our SEO guy is insisting all the sites (selling the same products) all be on different IP ranges.

The server should have enough power to run all the storefronts efficiently.

Godaddy has quoted us a FULLY MANAGED/DEDICATED SERVER that they say can handle this, but they want a fortune for it.

What hosts are you guys using when running multiple storefronts?



Please explain what ip address has to do with seo? Can see the SSL certificate issues, but not seo.


I'm with Tony. I'm not sure what the IPs have to do with SEO like this, but either way, you will need the dedicated IPs.

I have and use 2 different hosts. I've been using ServInt for a long time now and have been very happy with them. In the last year, I've started putting clients on Interserver. For whatever reason, 4.x seems to run faster on Interserver than it does with ServInt.

Both hosts are really great and their customer service does a fine job. Neither have live help, but they do have phone support. The only real difference on support is that ServInt is more “professional” about it. With ServInt, you get that corporate feel, but with Interserver, it is like me and you talking. Obviously pros and cons.

Both hosts respond very quickly to tickets though, so that is great.

I'm not sure what kind of pricing you are looking at, but hopefully both of these hosts will fit within your budget.



Thanks for your input. Since all the substores will actually be selling the same products (but with different skins and appearance), our SEO expert is insisting Google will penalize us if they all share the same IP address. Not sure if he is correct, but the store owner doesn't want to take a chance in hurting his rankings.

Anybody have experience running several storefronts with the same product base?

The Godaddy dedicated server he is looking at is almost $250/month. This seems extremely high from my perspective. What configuration server should we be looking at that can handle 5 cs-cart substores. Any recommendations?


I would think Google would view 4 of the sites as duplicate content if all 5 are exactly the same.

As for hosting, I have a VPS from and have been extremely pleased with them. I'm running one v4.1.4 store and one v2.2.4 store plus a bunch of non-ecommerce sites on their HFWVPS-3 plan and it handles everything very well with a lot of memory and processor power to spare. I've been with them for about 7 years and found them to be excellent.

I've been on a VPS with KnownHost for years… Very quick email support and excellent uptime