Need Help!


I am a new member to this forum and wanted to know whether is it possible to pay someone and get helped?

My website needs some adjustments and I don't know how to deal with it so thought to pay someone and get helped. If anyone is interested to help and get paid, please contact me at or reply me here.

Thank you,


Would probably help to clarify exactly what you need? There are many developers who don't mess with administration or site design/layout. And there are others who do site design/layout but don't do other development. And then there are people who use the cart everyday who can help you with administration.

So I guess you can either enquire of some of the more frequent posters (like myself, EcomLabs, Alt-team, etc.) and get a quote for the work from us, or you can (usually cheapest) just post your questions here. The advantage of posting here is it helps others to learn from your experience.

You can click the Get-A-Quote link in my signature if you would like a quote. However, I tend to steer away from providing administration support and/or site design.

If you still need any assistance, feel free to contact us