Need help with some layout designs.

So I've been looking at the live sites on cs cart that people have built using cs cart. Fantastic. There great. I would love to use some of there ideas for mine but i dont know even were to begin. I mean are there addons they have bought? are they codes they wrote? or are they just just suing the admin page with cs cart to do it? i dont know but maybe you guys can help me.

^ i would love to use this sites blocks on the right, how they have there vacation spots were they can click on them and get info, but for mine id like to use them for different motorcycle to take them to that bike and the products that work for it.

Upright & Grand Pianos | Cambridge Piano Showroom | Millers Music

^ this one id like to use there category layout, my on color and images of coarse but i just don't understand how you do all of that. Id like the image like that to the right on the category page, with the description to the left and the subcategories below as shown in the link.

and then of coarse these sites are just plain amazing looking. You cant beat that at all!

I just need some new idea! Need some ways to clean the site up for the ease of the customers, I'm computer knowledgeable so i know what to do but what id you had a person who isn't, i need to make it easy for them and understandable for them.

Can someone give me some tips here?!