Need help with setting up IDEAL basic

All the test orders i have placed till now come out as a success after getting redirected to the store no matter what. Even if the bank return the status “error” or “cancelled”. I have a feeling it might have somthing to do with the missing URLs but im not totaly sure.

Anyone using IDEAL basic from ING who can help shed some light on what url i have to use for the the different statuses?

success url

error url

cancelled url

service url

The notification url is the only one stated in cs-cart.



Have been reading a bit in the documentation from the basic version, and it seems like the status message does not get passed back to the store. Only the entrance code and transaction ID.

A bit stupid if that is the case with customers first getting an error message from the bank, then get redirected back to the store to a nice big box stating the order is a success with a big “thanks you” ^^

Would like somone to confirm if possible :slight_smile:

edit 2:

Just to be of help to others who might be trying to set up iDEAL basic.

I have been in contact with cs-cart support, and they pretty much had to re-write the whole script (indeal_basic.php) to make the store show correct statuses and status messages.

So, if you are in need of a fix, just contact them :slight_smile:

P.S Im running version 1.3.5 SP 4

Then what happend to the latest version of CS-Cart? It’s not fixed there anymore??

The problem with iDEAL Basic still seems to exist. Seems like all payments still return a ‘correct’ payment back to the site, while iDEAL says its an error or cancelled or whatever.

grt Bas

Just investigated the matter a bit more, but it seems the ideal_basic.php script isn’t correctly handling the statusses it recieves via iDEAL XML.

I’m gonna dive into the PHP code tomorrow, or someone must have a fix handy…

grt Bas

p.s. CS-Cart, some support would be nice!