Need help with product background color

Need help with product background color.

Currently, my product background (description area) is clear. I would like to change that area to a color.

What is the path to the file where I can make the change and what change needs to be made? Is there more than one element of code that will need to be changed? I am still fairly new to CSS. I tried to find this in the IE developer tool, but did not understand what I was looking at. Thank you.

In Ultimate 3.x


Try base.css around rule 2758.

And you need to alter a few other places as well to make it work.

When using Chrome, choose “Inspect Element” and then find the proper CSS.

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Thanks for your reply JJ. Your answer helped me find it…

My version is Professional 3 (I should have mentioned that earlier), but I did find what I as looking for. The “mainbox-container” was transparent (no color designation) on my products category page and I needed to change this one as well. Here's the answer…

  • Go to skins/basic/customer/base.css
  • I added the “background-color: #ddddff” to the mainbox-container class (which made the color a light blue)

  • The snipet of code is below

                    • -

                      /* Mainbox */

                      .mainbox-container {

                      background-color: #ddddff;

                      margin: 0 0 50px;

                    • -

                      At this point it should be easier to find the other containers that I need to change from transparent to an opaque color.