Need Help With Importing Additional Images To Products (With Csv)

I can't seem to upload additional pictures using Administration > Import Data > Products > Images

It always gives me this response:

ImportantData is imported successfully.
New objects - 0;
Updated objects - 23;
Skipped objects - 0;
Total - 23.

Its looks like it was successful, but no extra pictures were actually added.

I've uploaded the pictures using the file editor, which puts them here:


and then I use the import picture tools using several paths, such as





The filenames are checked and correct (checked)

See attached file "Images uploaded import3.csv" for the csv file I use to import.
I have even tried using full http ur's (which worked fine when importing my products). See attached "images uploaded import4.csv"

It always gives me the same response. Even though this seems like a very easy and straightforward process I can't get it to work. I've tried soooo many combinations and wasted so much time... I must be missing something.

The tool under products > images to add extra images works fine but I have thousands of pictures and the prospect of having to assign 10-20 pictures to each products make me want to shoot myself.

Please help

images uploaded import3.csv

images uploaded import4.csv

If the "Images directory" settings is set to "exim/backup/images/" on the Import products page, the full path should be


Try to put images to this directory

Thanks Ecomlabs, I'm working with Jay on this project. That directory helped me a lot in locating the files.

However, I'm also completely stuck with this. I uploaded 3 images called drone1.jpg drone2.jpg and drone3.jpg to var/files/1/exim/backup/images/

Then I made a csv with this content:

"Product code", "Pair type", "Detailed Image"

"070001", "A", "drone1.jpg"
"070001", "A", "drone2.jpg"
"070001", "A", "drone3.jpg"
I select comma as seperator, keep the suggested path as is,
also tried without quotes with same result. Also used the direct http url as path, relational server path and the full path.
It always says:
ImportantData is imported successfully.
New objects - 0;
Updated objects - 3;
Skipped objects - 0;
Total - 3.
But nothing happens.
I'm guessing I should use a different path or something?

Are you trying to import via Products or Images? It sounds like you are trying to import via Products because importing that way only allows you to import the main image.

I go to the tab images and there i upload that csv.

I (well JayNL) already uploaded the products and they all got 1 image from the product csv. Now I like to add 10 extra images with extra product details, so I made a csv for that. Uploaded that through:

import data -> products -> images


If /exim/backup/images/ is the directory your images are in, try using this path for:

Detailed image




I tried but it didn't work. Really don't get what i'm doing wrong, spend so many hours on variations of this csv that I think I might be blind sighted to something really stupid.

I made a picture displaying everything there basically is in this process, would you mind taking a look?

uhhh what somehow i made it work!


Hi guys, just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for helping us newbies out! CS-Cart is proving to be an amazing platform for our e-commerce businesses and it feels good knowing there are awesome people like you that are willing to help us out. Thanks again, and hopefully we will be able to return the favor soon to others in need of help.

I'm having the same exact problem but I'm even more preplexed how this thread ended.

Second to last message what does the statement "uhhh what somehow i made it work!" mean? Ha.

Then we have the original poster saying thanks for the help at the end but there's no indication from him as what he did to get it to work? REMEMBER: posting the solutions is IMPORTANT for us poor folk that follow behind.