Need Help With 301 Redirects

I have been researching on how to 301 redirect and it seems there are no clear instructions.

I am trying to fix a few bad links from when I accidentally deleted a few of my products during the deletion of some categories.

I read that I need to add the 301 redirect in the .htaccess file but I cant access it.

I cannot access the .htaccess file to edit because the file is locked in CS Cart. Do I need to unlock this somehow or is there another way I can apply the redirect?

Please correct me if I’m missing something.

Thanks for all your help.


Please try to edit your .htaccess file through FTP or Cpanel of your website.

Best regards, Alt-team


I've been having a similar issue with 301 redirects. My cart used to be on a subdirectory so all google results contained the subdirectory inside the url. Now that i moved my site to the main domain i want to 301 redirect all links containing the subdirectory to the normal clean links. I did the 301 redirects throught cpanel (around 200 urls) but 74 of them do not redirect.

Can anyone help me or shed some light in this issue?

I've been receiving non-sense replies from my server provider that my redirects are too many. I did not know that there is a thing as too many.



If only subdomain or domain name changed then you could redirect all subdomain requests to your main/new domain name.

Actually some of the urls are not identical so that wouldnt do the job. Plus there was an extra prefix added (en) that indicated the language which was also removed.

Thanks for your reply nevertheless.