Need help validating store path for upgrade

Hey guys, I'm having an issue trying to validate my primary store path to complete an upgrade. My main website that I'm trying to import is all under public_html.

I've tied:






and several other crazy combos.

Anybody have any insight?

Thank you!

Probably should be something like:


you can create a file on the server: [color=#ff0000]fullpath.php[/color] with content ```php

echo dirname(__FILE__);
You access it [color=#ff0000][/color] and will give you the full path ;)
Please delete it after you get the path.

I hope that helps,

[color=#808080][size=2]part of[/size][/color]

try …/

[sup]Wow thanks guys! I went with the easiest solution first and it worked! I used the “…/” Who knew?! :)[/sup]




Can’t get MS-DOS out of my head :D

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[center] :)))[/center]