Need help to setup FREE Shipping Promotion (excluding few products)


I am using cs-cart 2.2.3 professional edition.

I am trying to make a FREE Shipping promotion over $100. Basic setup of promotion is done and it is working fine, if user cart value goes above $100 it applies free shipping to order.

Basic Setup of promotion


Order subtotal : equal or greater 100


Free Shipping: Active shipping method in store

But I am also offering few products in flat FREE Shipping (clearance section), I have marked Free Shipping in shipping properties of product for that.

for this scenario assume:

SKU1 worth of $60 is marked as Free Shipping. Category: Clearance

SKU2 worth of $50, No free shipping. Category : Others

Now, if customer shops SKU1 from clearance (that is already comes with free ship) along with SKU2 cart total becomes $110 and it shows FREE Shipping.

But what I need is, this promotion should be applied only when customer orders products other than clearance category and that amount should be $100 or more.

Like in above scenario if customer adds 2 Units of SKU2 then he will be eligible for FREE Shipping.

I did some changes in promotion, to exclude clearance category products


Categories: Not In: Clearance.

So now what happens it don;t shows FREE Shipping when any clearance product is added to cart (regardless of total of cart)

Can any one please help me how to achieve desired output?

Surely if you are offering a product with free shipping and the customer then adds another product to that same order then the whole order would become eligible for free shipping anyway? Unless I am missing the point here, I certainly wouldn't penalise a customer for ordering more items from me if they have chosen an item with free shipping and an item that is not eligible then the whole order gets sent out with free shipping.

I have a similar situation on my site and that's exactly how I deal with it.

Anyway sorry but I have no idea how you would impliment that if it's what you need.


after adding another condition to say “not in” category Clearance as you have done should still give free shipping if the normal products go over $100 but if normal products are only $60 and clearance products are $60 then it will charge Im sure I set this up back on 2.2.

OR add the actual products not eligible instead of category

OR perhaps

Add the free shipping for “In” all categories except clearance ?