Need Help So I Can Send Newsletter Today

Please bare with me. Teaching myself as I go, started a few days ago haha.

Ok so I'm using Dreamweaver to create the HTML code for my Newsletter.

Yesterday I learnt how to put text over and image by placing the image in a table/cell, cutting it and editing the td tag and placing a browser specific image.

Now, when I come to copy the code from the Dreamwever and place it in the newsletter creator in my CMS, everything works except the two places where I have text over images. Only the text is showing and I can't for the life of my find the src for the image that is supposed to be underneath it.

FYI, images souorces have been changed from hard drive location to FTP when moved over to the CMS and everything else works fine. This is what I've got so far.

I also have no idea how to set the UnSubscribe button up. Thanks

unsubscribe you can use email link

Click to unsubscribe your email address to send it to

As for the missing images, have you sent one to your test email to see if they show, image links look ok ?

Thanks John

In regards to the image, I think I know what the issue is. In Dreamweaver I set the image the text sits over as a background?

When I copy all the code (CTRL+A) over from Dreamweaver this doesnt appear to copy over?! I have no idea why.

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Any idea?

Also just so I'm clear, if the unsub email address is would that link read…

[quote name='SeanDigitalSave' timestamp='1427973481' post='210018']

Also just so I'm clear, if the unsub email address is would that link read…


YEs, sorry unsure of the dreamweaver issue, do you mean you want the text to HOVER over/infront of the jpg, is so you can create the jpg image with the etxt on if first, or do you mean you want it to wrap

Click Here To Unsubscribe

Is that right? Because I just get a 404 when I click it.

As for the background image issue. I want to be able put actual text on top of an image, not a image and text created a single JPEG.

I can do this in Dreamweaver by placing the image, then cutting it and editing the td tags to use a browswer specific > background image. It works in Dreamweaver, but when i CTRL + A the code into my HTML editor in CS Cart, the HTML edititor does away with

This is the video tutorial I watched to learn this. Its only a couple of mins long, might give you a better idea of what im doing.