NEED HELP Removing Space on Website

I have spent several hours trying to figure out my problem and have had no success. I would appreciate anyone that can point me in the right direction to correct this. It is not a serious issue, just an issue with the look.

Here is the issue. There is a strip of my background color just above where I have my Store Close Listmania notice and below where the Home, Catalog My Account and View Cart buttons are. It is about 1/4 inch tall. I would like the Store Closed notice to go to the top just below the buttons and remove that space. I would like everything to move up. When I remove the Store Close notice, the Welcome Message goes to the correct space.

I would appreciate any help anyone can give me. You can view what I am talking about by going to


It look like a

tag in the listmainia tpl your using.

I checked and that is not it. It seems like the listmania is placing the center items in the wrong place. There has to be something making that extra space. I just can’t seem to find it. Thank you for the suggestion.

Inside this div: have a

all by itself, making a paragraph.

It’s definitely a paragraph tag somewhere, try /addons/ads/

like shockalotti said, there’s a

tag that’s doing it below the

I know for a fact this is the cause. I copied your source code into a new html file on my desktop, removed the

and it was fixed.

Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!!! I was looking in the wrong place. There was a

in the ads.tpl file. I appreciate everyone for their help! It has been driving me crazy.