Need Help Please Urgent

For some reason, the system it's mixing part of the Billing Address with the Shipping address at the time to complete the checkout.

All my sales are paid from around the world, but the shipping address is only in Cuba. So, people must always provide their billing address different to the shipping address. At the time the person is going to the checkout, the system it's pushing the billing address automatically from the client account but it's using automatically the Country and City from Shipping address.

How can I organize this to prevent the information to be mixed. Also, the merchant it's receiving this mess on their system.


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In this case, I can recommend you to make the billing profile fields to be compulsory (required) at the checkout page:

Thank you.

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All the fields for billing address are required during checkout. Also billing address checkmark it’s selected by default.

Normally the information mixed is the phone number but it only appears on the email sent to clients with the order confirmation once they place the order. If they go to their accout and get into the order, all the information there it’s correct. The problem is only when they get the confirmation email.

check the code in your customer notifications for the phone number, there are 3 possibilities in the invoice document snippets

user phone =
user billing phone = u.b_phone
user shipping phone = u.s_phone

Please check the Shipping address snippet in the ** Order summary** document. By default, this snippet uses profile fields from the shipping section.

THANKS! I was able to find the problem. The Shipping address Code Snippets was taking by default part of the User information and Shipping information. I was able to change the code to use the Shipping information.

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