Need Help Installing on Ubuntu Desktop 12.10

I'm trying to install CS-Cart on Ubuntu 12 on a desktop computer. I have LAMP up and running. However, when I get to the configuration section of the setup, I keep getting the error:

Cannot connect to database server. Please check your settings.

What could be wrong? I entered localhost for MySQL server host. Is that correct?

I notice that in phpmyadmin it lists the host as % instead of localhost. What's up with that, and could that be the problem? If so, how do I fix it? Thanks in advance.

OK, well never mind. I played around some more and got it working. I just changed all the server hostnames to localhost and that seemed to fix it.

Also, should I use this as a trial or enter the license number of the cart on my current internet site? Or does the license even matter when it's on a local computer not accessible to the internet?