Need Help In Installation To Latest Version That Is Stable From 4.8.1 Sp1

im stuck on 4.8.1 sp1 it will not install the upgrades at all runs into a error everytime google indexes the site wrong for example it shows this when i search for a certain part number

What error are you running into? Screenshot maybe ? I have just upgrades my 4.8.1 (not SP version) to latest 4.12.1 with little problems.. Currently 4.12.1 I find buggy better not getting beyond 4.11.5

Its using open picker to index instead of individual product page

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Upgrade 4.8.1.SP1 - 4.8.2
New version: 4.8.2 Release date: Aug 15, 2018 File size: 8,175 Kb
CS-Cart 4.8.2 brings the following changes and improvements:

Backups can now be made via the command line.
The old category selection mechanism (category tree) is now available on the product editing page alongside the new one.
Search results are no longer dropped, and tabs are no longer switched automatically in the add-on list after an action is performed on an add-on.
The identifiers of pages, blog posts, and features are now displayed in the Administration panel.
To see the full list of changes, please check the changelog.

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Validation issue
Validator "Restore" returned fail status

Unable to prepare restore script.

Do not recommend upgrading live store. Updates are very hard, better hire someone to do it.. My recent attempt got to failure where server provider had to restore all from night backup..