Need Help from US soil


My website operates in US but I am outside the US and I think there is something wrong with the orders. I’ve tried using a proxy, but I prefer somebody from US to check if it is possible to order a product.

Please if someone from US would like to help me and test the ordering process (I think that the payment processor and PayPal work so just need to test the initial stage of the order before payment).

Thank you so much!

I tried both credit card and Pay Pal and both seem to be working.

Thank you so much for the prompt help, Roban!

Now I know there is another problem for my low conversion…

Actually I’ve noticed something strange with your order: there is no shipping information…I have custom shipping settings and ground shipping is the default one. Roban, did you see the shipping as an option to choose from?


Just that shipping was the same as billing.

I got it. I’ve accidentely added this item as downloaded.

Thanks one more time!