Need Help For Google Merchant


I really put a lot of time into this but didn't succeed :-(

I am trying to put my products to Google Shopping via Google Merchant. I can import my Feed but can't solve the following problems:

1. Using the built in Data Export:

I can match the right variables but have to exclude certain products. But I can only add all products manually and deactivate those, I dont want on Google Shopping. Problem: Whenever a new product comes on my shop, I would have to add it manually...not very convenient.

2. So I bought the Alex Branding Advanced Data Export Addon:

But there some of the needed variables are missing (like size, etc.) and I can't add them (? - or can I change those templates??). And the gtin refers to the gtin property in product properties but I need to have the EAN there which is on the main product page.

So any ideas how to solve this!?



Trying to put the EAN into the gtin urn the template:

{** google_rm **}

{if $ab__pfe04_brand == 'Y'},"brand"{/if}
{if $ab__pfe04_product_type == 'Y'},"product_type"{/if}
{if $ab__pfe04_google_product_category == 'Y'},"google_product_category"{/if}
{if intval($ab__pfe04_isbn_feature_id) > 0},"gtin"{/if}
{if intval($ab__pfe04_gtin_feature_id) > 0},"gtin"{/if}
{if intval($ab__pfe04_mpn_feature_id) > 0},"MPN"{/if}
{$params = ['google_rm' => true, 'items_per_page' => 1000, 'categories' => $categories, 'get_images' => true, 'get_features' => false]}
{while $products = fn__pfe_get_offers($datafeed, $params)}
{if $products}
{foreach $products as $product}
,"{$product.product|fn_ab__pfe04_escape_csv nofilter}"
{if $product.short_description}
,"{$product.short_description|fn_ab__pfe04_escape_csv nofilter}"
,"{$product.full_description|fn_ab__pfe04_escape_csv nofilter}"
,"{$product.url nofilter}"
{$image_url = ''}
{if $product.images}
{$image_url = $product.images|reset}
,"{$image_url nofilter}"
{if $product.avail_since > $smarty.const.TIME}
{elseif !($product.zero_price_action == "R" && $product.price == 0) && !($settings.General.inventory_tracking == "Y" && $settings.General.allow_negative_amount != "Y" && (($product.amount <= 0 || $product.amount < $product.min_qty) && $product.tracking != "ProductTracking::DO_NOT_TRACK"|enum) && $product.is_edp != "Y")}
{if $product.list_price && $product.list_price|floatval > $product.price|floatval}
,"{$product.list_price} {$datafeed.currency_code}"
,"{$product.price} {$datafeed.currency_code}"
,"{$product.price} {$datafeed.currency_code}"
,"{$product.ab__pfe04_condition nofilter}"
{if $ab__pfe04_brand == 'Y'},"{$product.brand|fn_ab__pfe04_escape_csv nofilter}"{/if}
{if $ab__pfe04_product_type == 'Y'},"{$product.main_category|fn_ab__pfe04_create_product_type|fn_ab__pfe04_escape_csv nofilter}"{/if}
{if $ab__pfe04_google_product_category == 'Y'},"{$categories.{$product.main_category}.ab__pfe04_google_product_category|fn_ab__pfe04_escape_csv nofilter}"{/if}
{if intval($ab__pfe04_isbn_feature_id) > 0},"{$product.isbn|fn_ab__pfe04_escape_csv nofilter}"{/if}
{if intval($ab__pfe04_gtin_feature_id) > 0},"{$product.gtin|fn_ab__pfe04_escape_csv nofilter}"{/if}
{if intval($ab__pfe04_mpn_feature_id) > 0},"{$product.mpn|fn_ab__pfe04_escape_csv nofilter}"{/if}