Need Help for Block problem-Possibly Missing Folders/Files

CS-Cart 2.2.4 Professional


I had a recent server problem that had to be restored with a month old backup.

The backup had missing/corrupted files including a missing Mail folder in my skin directory.

Most seemed to be corrected.

However, I just detected another problem with blocks. I can't add any products to any blocks and also can not add banners.

I get the infamous non-specific error message:


Oops, something went wrong (error). Please try again"

I have a feeling that an entire folder may be missing or individual files in a folder. Don't know.

I can create blocks, just can't add banners or more important, products.

Would appreciate any help in correcting this problem.



Does anyone know where I should look for missing files and folders?




First off, you can use what Alt-Team posted at Error occured - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums to give you a better idea of the problem. The whole Oops thing kind of sucks since it isn't exactly descriptive.

Once you have a real error message, that should help you narrow things down a bit.

I wish I could be more help, but at least that might help a little.



Thanks Brandon,

I look into this. I just know I am missing one or more files/folders related to adding banners/products to blocks.


If you're having that many issues then you really need to compare your files to the original install files.