Need help Error in Upgrading

Hi there,

I’m stuck at the moment, I’m currently ruuning 1.3.3sp2 and decided to upgrade to 1.34.sp1 using Store Manager to upgrade. Got error and decided to use my backup copy of files and ftp back into my cs-cart store folder.

The problem now is during the time of upgrading it also modified my Database. The question is does anyone know how I can upload back my backup copy of the Database back to the server.

I tried looking in phpAdmin, but without any luck…now I’m out of ideas…:cry: any one can help me here is appriciated…


If you have a copy of your original database (perhaps your host did a backup) you can drop the tables through phpMyAdmin (back up first) and import the old database.

What problems are you having when trying to restore the old Database data?

If it is ‘timing out’ (common with most shared server hosts settings) Then your host will need to restore it for you via SSH or adjust your PHP permissions.

If you are getting ’ Table already exists’ errors then your backup doesn’t contain commands to drop previous tables first if they exist… Try creating a new empty database then importing the old data into that one. If successful then just update your config file with the new DB info