Need help displaying all usergroup prices levels in price box?

I have set up different prices for 3 different levels of registration. I used the usergroups and quantity price levels to set up levels for each group, (including clients who subscribe to a plan and are then automatically added to a certain user group). The idea is that by registering you get a discount on all store items, and then by buying a subscription/recurring plan you get a deeper discount. Such as:

Retail Price $40 - Default/not registered (list price)

Free Member Price $30 - (registered user usergroup)

Premium Member Price $20 - Purchased recurring plan

I have all that working ok, and the different prices show correctly everywhere during different states of registration/subscription. So my question is simply this.

I want to show all 3 price levels in the price box on both the product page and the catalog pages, so people know that deeper discounts are available if they buy a plan. (using a modified Electro template).

We are lookingfor someone to do this bit of programming, so the display of the price levels appear in the price box, and dynamically modify when/if the prices change.