Need help creating Coupon

Can anyone help with creating a coupon? It was much easier in 1.35 but can not grasp it in 2.09…

I have done the following so far:

  1. Made “Cart Promotion” of tnsave5
  2. In the edit section under conditions I have "Group: if Any of these conditions are True

    Coupon code: Contains tnsave5

    Once per customer: Yes
  3. Under Bonuses I have:

    Order discount: to percentages of the original price: 5.00

    When I go to check out it just says “There is no such coupon code

    Thanks for any help.

Do you have “Use available period” checked on the General tab? If so, check your available dates.

Also, I think your bonus is set up incorrectly - it will reduce the price to only 5% of the original. I think you want to use the “by percentage of original price”.


Thanks, but now I can not go anywhere in my admin section other than the home page. I have the little house on the top and all of the other tabs are missing. Man this really sucks. Can’t even view the orders.