Need expert help on error

I just had cs-cart do a project for me. they are done, but off for the weekend.

They made a field for me to put a url in the admin panel (onto the database), the only problem is that when the url is clicked on the front end, it is getting cut off.

the url is getting cut off because there is a question mark in it.

for example [url][/url]

would just show up as [url][/url]

The question mark is causing the url to get cut off. can anyone help me out?? please…


I am no expert, but without knowing the structure of what they did, it is hard to answer.

But, it may be stripped out in the php code (more likely) and I am not smart enough to debug.


I would probably just wait for cs-cart help to respond…

here is the coding that is in the new button file they made… anyone any ideas???

{* $Id: add_to_cart.tpl 3612 2007-08-09 13:56:41Z zeke $ *}

{include file="buttons/button.tpl" but_text=$but_text|default:$lang.view_widgets but_type="" but_onclick="document.widget_`$object_id`.submit();" but_href=$but_href but_target=$but_target action_but="$action" but_style=$but_style but_arrow="true"}