Need Ebay Sync Help-Find/edit Cscart_Ebay_Template_Products Table

We have had problems with eBay add-on. Once a product has been exported to eBay, attempting to do so again results in an error telling us that the item has been removed or that it's an item from a different market. Support has informed me that information about products exported to eBay is stored in a table named "cscart_ebay_template_products" and that it stores CS-Cart's product_id to identify products to CS-Cart and ebay_item_id to identify the product to eBay. The error we have been getting results when an item with the same ebay_item_id has previously been imported with other credentials. In our case, most of our products fall in to this category since the person who set up the eBay sync add-on exported every item in the store from the sandbox. (I told him at the time this was not a good way to test it but this was the same guy who installed Wordpress on top of CS-Cart on our main domain.) Consequently, almost every one of our items has been previously exported with sandbox credentials, so I think the best thing to do is clear this table and start from scratch. Correct? (If someone knows a way to find records in this table with sandbox credentials please let me know and I will delete only those, however support said this was not possible.) Will this cause problems on either CS-Cart or eBay side? I think this will have the effect of creating a new product for eBay even if the product has been previously exported and therefore a completely new listing will be created, correct?

I can not seem to find table "cscart_ebay_template_products" but I assume it exists in the CS-Cart database rather than eBay side. Would appreciate it if someone could point me to it and I will edit with PHPmyAdmin.