Need Developer - Allow user to download Spec Sheet of Product - Addon

Can you suggest a developer I can use to create a Multi Vendor 4.01 addon?

My multi-vendor site allows users to search for product they need to resell to their own customers.

My customers (site “users”) need the ability to download a “spec sheet” or “sell sheet” that would basically be a PDF of the product, with image and specs. (these users will be re-selling the product to their own customers)

Here’s what ideally it would have

PDF download, including:

A basic presentation template (with some color)

Logged in user’s logo and contact information (if no logo, then just user’s Company Name and contact info)

Product image

Product name

Product description

Product specs (weight, size, etc)

A free form text area the user could add comments and or pricing information

Added as a CS-Cart Addon must be compatible with v 4.01

I was thinking of using the Compare List to facilitate this (but open to suggestions). Users would add product(s) to the compare list. Then they would check a box to select products they want to produce a product sheet for. a “Preview” button and a “Download” button for the pdf.

A desired enhancement (not required now, but would be nice to have) is the ability to have a template for 1 product on the page, 2 products on the page, or 4 products on a page, and the user can select output type of 1,2, or 4 products per page.