Need cs cart expert for the existing store

We have a website with the CS cart (v 2.0.15) already installed along with product descriptions, categories and subcategories, and quantity discounts in place. So in effect, our store is already set up. But I need help with the following:

Customise the existing skin template wherever required, eg. Incorporating flash banner, etc.

Reposition the products in categories and subcategories to simplify them for customers. For example, we have 30 products and three sizes for each product. Each product has the same description, but I have made 30 X 3 = 90 listings, each having the image and description, causing unnecessary repetition. It also means that any changes in description have to be made thrice.

It’s probably not a big task, and I could do this myself, but would take a really long time. I need an expert because it will be much easier for someone in the know to do this more effectively, in a much shorter time. I also prefer someone I can explain my exact needs over the phone or in person (if located on the Sunshine Coast, Australia), rather then explaining in lengthy emails.

can send the link to the store if you wish to have a look.