Need a Relatively Complex Shipping Modification done

I am looking for an experienced programmer that is intimately knowledgeable of CS-Cart.

We have a client that does not ship products. But rather, they do live deliveries to a local area. We want to modify the default CS-Cart shipping behavior, or add a new module type.

I can provide a 3 page RFP with all of the details to those who are interested. I am pasting most of page 1 below, so that a potential programmer can get an idea of what we need.

The rest of the info will be provide upon request. Please provide your business website, or a list of work examples.



A summary…


  1. The product sold is not shipped. No mailing. The product is delivered locally by truck.
  2. There are about 8 local zip codes (in Arizona, U.S.) that will be able to get delivery. No customers outside of these zip codes can order (via Localization). This is already configured.
  3. Customer currently selects delivery day as a product option. After customization, this selection may happen in the “Shipping” options during checkout.


  4. Site administrator will have the capability to determine specific delivery days and methods for each individual zip code.

    a. Example: Site administrator may determine that Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the delivery days for zip code 86323.

    i. Site administrator will be able to build a unique set of available delivery days for each zip code.

    ii. Site administrator will have the flexibility to change times (what time that one day ends and another begins), costs, days, etc.

  5. Site administrator may be able to add a cost to a specific delivery method.

    a. The site will offer several levels of delivery options. These options will be “Same Day,” “Next Day,” “Weekend” and then anything that falls out of these days will be offered as a delivery option based on a day.

    i. Example: A customer orders on Tuesday, December 29 at 8:00 PM. They will see delivery options as such:
  6. Wednesday 12/30 (Same Day)
  7. Thursday 12/31 (Next Day)
  8. Friday 1/1
  9. Saturday 1/2 (Weekend Delivery)
  10. Sunday 1/3 (Weekend Delivery
  11. Wednesday 1/6
  12. Thursday 1/7
  13. Friday 1/8

    ii. NOTE: The cutoff times that determine what is next day and same day, as well as what days are available to a specific zip code are determined by the administrator as mentioned in section 1 above.