Need a Little CSS Assistance


I want to change the color of the currency selector. I can't do this via the template editor because that would be a global change so I tried doing this in the CSS …/design/themes/my-template/css/my_changes/styles.css.

.select-wrap.currencies a {

When I add this code to my stylesheet with [color=#333333]CSS debug mode[/color] on my change works fine. When I turn the cache off the style is not read. Everything else in the stylesheet is read. Can someone point out what I might be missing here?


First of all, since you believe “everything else in the stylesheet is read” that your incorrect path is actually correct in the first instance.


Should be:-


So your problem is the CSS selector “.select-wrap.currencies a” override using my_changes is not working if you disable the CS-Cart cache? But it does work if you enable the cache? All other styles in your my_changes stylesheet do work?

Try use color: #FFF !important - sometimes solves quirky issues like this.

Yes on the path, just a typo.

I tried !important with no success. Did the &cc and &ctpl too but the only thing that has an effect is turning css debug on an off the running &cc. I also tried editing editing /design/themes/omnivos/css/styles.css directly again with no effect.

With debug off, I looked at the source, clicked on the link to the css file in cache and verified that [font=“arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif”][color=“#282828”]color: #FFF !important is in the file. All I can think of that there is something overriding it but I see no other references to changing the color [/color][/font]select-wrap.currencies in that file.



To add new styles into cs-cart v4 you need to:[list=1]

[]enable addon My Changes

]add file [color=#ff0000]design/themes/[THEME_NAME]/css/addons/my_changes/styles.css[/color].select-wrap.currencies a {

[]add file [color=#ff0000]design/themes/[THEME_NAME]/templates/addons/my_changes/hooks/index/[/color]{style src="addons/my_changes/styles.css"}

]Clear cache ?cc of follow http://forum.cs-cart…post__p__172522


I hope that helps,


[color=#808080][size=2]part of[/size][/color]

Vali is correct, but I had assumed the my_changes stylesheet was working from the OP - other styles are working in the my_changes stylesheet, but this one single CSS selector is not.

I am not too sure what it is you are trying to achieve, but the colour may be inherited from either of these:-

.select-wrap.currencies a

If all else fails, feel free to drop in a url to the site and describe what change you are trying to make.

Yes, my_changes is activated and everything in my custom css is working. I'll fish around some more and see if I can find if anything is overriding that line. Just strange that it would stop working when debug is turned off.