Nearly There

Have a fair bit more to do but the bare bones are there, have made some changes to try to get the site to load quicker (it was soo slow, took out languages that I’m never going to use etc) Can you please let me know how it loads for you.



Response Part One

Manufacturers : Nike/Adidas are making vitamins :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Page Load :

22 seconds, using Firefox 2.0 @ 25kbs

No offence mate but I wouldn’t stay long, 300Kb of data to download (.3Mb)

If you can squeeze some data out of your gif/jpegs :

main_banner.jpg 20kB

Cut that in half if possible, the image will never be required to be re-sized on the web

common_image_3.jpg 20kB (NoChex, Paypal, Payments Accepted logo)

You should be able to squeeze that into 5kB,

creditcards.jpg 11kB (In the welcome box)

Response Part Two

product_image_1430.jpg 60kB

common_image_4.jpg 40kB (Key icon)

common_image_2.gif 10kB (Free delivery)

5kB should keep the detail while being fast to download

Half your page size is within these images, drastically reducing them will give you a 40% increase in speed,

Even better, open all your images in photoshop and re-export them using the ‘save to web’ feature

Hope this helps mate.

BTW… I have two replies cause an error message pop-up told me I was image spamming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks Jesse much appreciated, going to need a bit of guidance though am pretty new to this stuff compared to most.

How do I cut the main image as you say, I sized it as to the dimisions in the code, same size as the default img.

Not sure how to do the others either.



Most popular graphics programs allow you to “optmise” your images prior to uploading, admittedly Im a culprit of the same

You can always squeeze a few kb out of an image, which certainly helps.

Take a look at sites such as this :

[URL=“Analyze -”][/URL]

It tells you quite a bit about content…

Ok scrub that last post, have downloaded a free package and resized them all, can you tell me if this improves the speed


That just knocked a good 10 seconds of loading the first page… :wink:

In my eyes anyway…

Right have done all images now, hows it loading, still a bit slow from my end but then pipex is **** anyhow so it might not be the site. Completely changed the look of the site, it’s now a mixture of two skins, last bit is proving tricky tho, the left hand search box content that is all hyperlinked, can’t find the colour change in the stylesheet think it might be some place else, any ideas?


i think way better i would maybe put 2 featured product or 4 so that there is no cut in the image or content flow.

my 2c



Have done that and it seems to look ok, must say overall I am impressed with CS.