Navigate through HTML and Pages

Hello all,

first I describe you what I want to do , and after that how I have implemented.

I have created an HTML Block called “Stores”

There are the pictures of available categories (e.g Techology, Clothes, Shoes)

When someone clicks on the icon of the desired category , I want a page to be shown which includes the stores which selling products in this category.

I have created a page named “Technology stores” and there are manual written the list with the stores selling technology products. So now if anyone click on the HTML block the icon of technology, the page “Technology stores” must be opened.

But my problem is that there is no link choice in the editor, between HTML content and this page

Do you have any idea , how can this be done ?

maybe another editor give this option , if yes, which editor and how can I install it ?

Any other solution…?? How can I give to the customer a choice to select or see stores/vendors in a list ?

If you are creating a HTML block, you can simply put your own code in there. Perhaps use something like Dreamweaver to create the HTML? I actually thought there was an option to put your own url in the editor of Cs Cart, but if there isn't use my suggestion would be to use an external editor.

if you click on the picture in the wysiwyg you can click on the chain you van then put the link

@ Confusion ,

yes I know that I can put the link there but there is a problem…

The link means that the store webpage is located somewhere independenlty. I mean I want to click the icon of category inside HTML block and this exact time open first time the store webpage (so where can I find the link previously ?)

What you told me is right as functionality but in my example , how can i do it ?

(please see exact specifications I describe)

There is nowhere else a list with the stores