name change

I have a website name we have used for awhile and running 3.06 and another company says our name infringes on there name and is a trademark issue which I do not want to infringe or fight this because alls I did was add a word like plus on the end of our name for example is the company and pretty busy I still run on 1.3.5 and love it because the rankings is so high I do not want to disturb this but drywall tools is a trademaked name and we put a plus and now we have an issue so wih that said I really see the point and did not know we could not do this when I do different tools and they do just one but I would rather change the name and not hassle can we just change it in config_local and all will convert or how can we do this with a new name

What I tried was created a new practice site to test then backed up old site and then exported products ect so then I imported products and images then retore old file to new test site to see and all is there under new site name which is a miricle but all worked somehow now I can not bring up admin.php it just goes to blank browser page nothing at all is there, I went to confi_local.php to check all settings and is for new test site and admin as well but when I try to bring up admin nothing, how can we get the admin to work?

Is there a way to do from database itself or in config file perhaps

If you are running V3.0.6 or V2.x PRO, search my posts for “upgrade process” and you will find some threads with step by step recommendations. My methods are NOT the only way, but work on client sites I've done. It's pretty straight forward if you haven't embedded links to your site in all your pages via Fully Qualified Domain Names but instead of used relative links. I.e. NOT

but instead


Otherwise you might have an additional step of searching the database for drywalltoolsplus and making the adjustments there.

Thank you