mysql version compadible to 1.3.5

I am using mysql 4.1 for one of our cscart version 1.3.5 and still love this version but my cpanel will not update until I upgrade to 5.0 or greater which I do not want to do until I know it is fine to do. I also run latest version for another site on same dedicated server, will this cause a problem for my 1.3.5

Hello flasher,

Thank you for your message.

CS-Cart version 1.3.5 should work properly with MySQL 5.x. On our local server, I have an installation of CS-Cart version 1.3.5 with MySQL version 5.1.63 and everything works properly. So you are free to update the MySQL version on your server.

Thank you.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

I am successfully running version 1.3.5 with MySQL version 5.1.68.