Mysql Database For A Large Number Of Products

7. after started website, on some time later(might be years later), I might will need to pay someone to customize entire system like this; each language will have their own separate table on database. because cs-cart company don't wants extra work for themselves and keeps all languages in one table. but if you search anything, MySQL server has to scan every records even if it's not included on those tables. for example, if you search in Russian Language anything, logically we know it's can't be found in arabic or chinese tables. so, why then MySQL server has to scan all those records? of course, in this case, you will have to have a separate URL stricture for every language and visitors will search from there. for example; visitors has to search only from Russian language tables. imagine that you have 1 million products, 10% of them has variation of 6. so, 100K * 6 = 600K + 900K = 1.5 million record and if you have 10 languages, it will be 15 million records. so, if someone wants search anything from Russian Language, why MySQL has to scan 15 Million records? it can be done with scanning just 1.5 millions records. but these things I will need to think very later, might be after years. but good to know now upfront now.


If you really have 1 million products then you won't have a simple setup. You will probably use Oracle database or such and not Mysql. However, if you really desire to use different languages then why not change the database all together? It is way easier to do, since you will only have to change the 'database' in the config field ('my_database' . CART_LANGUAGE) and change some session based values. You can also create functions / operations / triggers in mysql which would update the value across all the databases e.g. for the settings database.

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