my webservice api

I am getting emails about the webservice I built for cs-cart for adding/updating products and retrieving/updating orders - so I’m going to post my response here - I’m not going to make anything public, because I don’t feel it is ready. But you can read my reply below and see what not to do!

[question do I have a webservice that works with cs-cart apis]

I do have one, it is crap (but works for me barely) and needs serious fixing, and I know how to do it now, just don’t have the time…Our IT staff has gone from a lot of people down to just 2 of us…The problem with using the “API” that cs-cart has is I used curl and when cs-cart generates it’s cached stuff & compiled crap, it causes it to just sit there forever. If you clear the cache & compiled (by manually deleting the files), then it works. My 2nd problem is I am used to other languages having good XML support. Well for php the XML serialization I used doesn’t work 100% of the time, so I end up manually fixing orders. (it leaves out the tags in the xml for some reason that I can’t fathom). I guess that’s not too bad considering all the products are getting uploaded and updated ok. Overall the thing is clunky, unreliable, and I’m going to rewrite it the first chance I get. If you want to see the site, it is at (there is adult content).

In my re-write, which I probably will freely publish I am going to get rid of curl and call the cs-cart functions directly (which sortof short circuits their “api”), and use something other than the XML serializer/deserializer/nusoap which is crap. Then it should be pretty robust.

So, I’m sorry I don’t have anything now, if I were you and you have direct db access to your mysql, I would directly access the tables for now, it is 1000% easier in my opinion.

My whole original reason for trying to develop the web service was to allow wholesale sellers of our products to easily set up their own web sites that would tie to our backend.