My URLS have changed to numbers

Hi All,
I encountered a problem within the Google console, and to solve this problem, I logged in
SEO plugin - (use one URL for all languages)
And I disabled this option knowing that I use both Arabic and English
But then I found links containing numbers for categories instead of their names, as well as numbers for products instead of their names, as shown in the following link
( )
Is there an automated solution to this problem instead of doing it manually for each product and each category?
thank you in advance

Go to phpMyAdmin, find the cscart_seo_names table and delete all records with type=“c”

Then all category seo names will be automatically regenerated by the system from their names

(!) Make database backup just in case

Thank you for the response and interest
But I can’t find this table cscart_seo_names in phpMyAdmin,
As part of the information, I have good links in English… I want to change the names of the links, whether in products or categories, in Arabic, so that they are the same as the links in English
as an example
https://egyptl - win 11 /

Arabic for this product

thank you in advance

In this case you can enable the “Use single URL for all languages” option in the SEO addon settings