My Take So far

So far the Biggest thing i see that would stop my purchase is the

Poor Import ability of this cart…

The Import is way behind …

Lots of my Distributors only have xml feeds available .

this cart has no way at all to handle this…

also the carts inability to map fields when importing csv files

and the inability to skip if already exist. is a sure fail…

you would think that a cart with this many features would handle importing data

at least good as the competition…

well if you get the import stuff taken care of i believe this will be the best cart out there .

But this needs attention guys !

Just my thoughts … nothing personal …


I have many accounts with distributors, but no way import products from theme. Some of them have thousand products.If I will insert 1 product each time, so maybe in a 2-3 years I will be done!!!

Another 100% agreement with you - same issue here with the XML

I do like the sort feature for price, manufacturer, etc, BUT you cannot import manufacturers in with the product. This is a bit frustrating when you have 100’s on manufacturers

Mapping would be a HUGE improvement and time saver… I’ve mentioned this to them before

Another thing that is really needed - To get ADMIN.PHP out of the root and into a directory where it can be locked down via directory protection. The admin login needs to be completely hidden from the public

We still want to use this cart, but some of these things are holding it in the testing phase

I do agree, with a few improvements, it would be a much better cart then the competition

You can lock down a file with htaccess, putting it in another directory doesn’t solve anything, fyi. :cool:

i have problem for this too. if i import a products manualy it is finish a 2-3 years. this is so bad for me and the other user’s i think.

I imported over 1000 products with minimal problems. I also have Navicat so I can import directly into mysql.

[quote name=‘ogia’]I imported over 1000 products with minimal problems. I also have Navicat so I can import directly into mysql.[/QUOTE]

İt seem to be useful. How can you do this? You open in database new part and but there?? How?? Thanks for all.