My Store Does Not Working After Domain Change

Hello all,

I recently changed the domain of my running store.

I changed the domains on config.local.php file via FTP.

I also changed the URL from Admin->Stores

Basically, I followed the instructions from the link below:

However, I am getting a 404-page error. When I click "close the store", I still get a 404-page error.

I checked my domain pointing to the right directory via putting a dummy PHP file on FTP and it works.

What can be the thing I forget to edit? or is there a method I can check what is causing this?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Did you clear cache ?

Remove directory var/cache

Best regards



I tried all of the things, however, I got improvement.

When I disabled the SEO plugin, the website worked. Or course the links embedded not working.

When I try to activate the SEO plugin I got this error now:

"WarningSEO-friendly URLs are disabled. Check your web server and URL manipulation engine settings."

I suppose I should do something related to htaccess since I did not change any hosting.

I figured out the problem.

Basically, I forgot to move htaccess file one directory to another.

Thanks for answer.