My Short Description...

My short description is pushing my image above it instead of just wrapping around. If my short description is only a few words then there is no problem but with a lot of words it moves the image above it. Here is what I mean. The top reel suffers from this problem.


I just upgraded my internet explorer. Why is it not wrapping around? Thank you so much for your wisdom.

UPDATE :slight_smile:

I just upgraded Internet Explorer and I think that is it. In Firefox it looks normal. Am I going crazy lol?

Must be an IE problem? Looks fine in FF.

Would anyone know how to fix it or where to look so our site looks good to customers with IE? Grrr. Its always IE that has to be worked around. Thank you for your help.

In IE under tools > compatability view. I clicked that and added my site and now it displays properly. Thanks for listening and replying.

In a different thread Webguy posted a fix that works well for IE8. Here is what he posted:

[quote]In your index.tpl directly under the tag insert this meta-tag:


The advantage with doing this is that the site will look the same for everyone whether they are using IE7 or IE8.


Use the meta.tpl. That’s what it’s there for.

having 404 issues now, may you need to fix something :(