My Promotions Wont Show on the website


I created a promotion that will give 10% discount for a member of a membership group i created, who have a coupon.

The promotion is marked as active, but i cant see it on the website anywhere and also it doesnt work in the checkout.

Can anybody tell me if and where promotions are shown on the website?

Have i forgotten to do anything?

in addition to that, in the checout process there is a field to insert the coupon but when you click “Apply” nothing happens.

Please help as this is urgent.


Promotion appear at the promotions link in the Quick Links at the top of the website. The URL is [url] - xxx sex videos free hd porn Resources and Information.

Have you confirmed that the user is assigned to the user group prior?


Thanks. can see the promotion now, but still it doesnt work for my test user…

Rechecked it and the user is in the group.

What version are you running? If it is 2.0.9 upgraded from 2.0.8, there appears to be problems with the transition from membership to user groups:


Delete and set up your user group condition again to see if that works.


Thanks Bob. I am using 2.0.8.

After further research - the product promotions work fine.

The problem is with the cart promotions which do not appear anywhere and do not apply in the checkout as well.

Issue solved. thanks.