My product central content is missing?


Im in the process of moving my site to another server. During the file copying suddenly my products wouldnt show. I see now that the central content for the product page is missing.

Is there any way to fix this? It is a new site which i have been making during the last 3-4 days so i havent made a backup yet. Am i screwed?

Hard to say, are the products themselves in the database and it is just displaying them a problem? Or products are not in the database and that is why you don’t see them? Have you checked “location,” it is possible that products might not show if they are not set to display for your location…

The products are there, i can select them, but the product info comes up blank. There is no central content in the products tab anymore.

Are we taking about full description?

I am not familiar with central content…

Full description yes. The product listing is ok, but selecting a product just shows a blank space in the main area.

First of all, on that page list all smarty variables, see if the description actually is being passed to the template.

Im not quite sure what you mean…im new to this :confused:

This is a SS of the product blocks currently.

Do you have Central Content box for home page, checkout?

Yea, everyting else seems to be normal.

Can you backup you db then purge it of items, see if it will bring it back… Maybe a bad import…

I’m having the same exact problem. Please help.