my page rank in google is dropping

So some of my customers emailed me that after searching on google my page only shown on page 3 or lower on some keywords that at first when we moved to CS cart we soon were on first page.

Does anyone has any clue why suddenly we're getting so low on google search?


Thats not page rank that keyword rank or index rank.

Google just issues Penguin 2 update so some sites will go up but others will drop down.

If yours has dropped you’ve either reduced the value for that keyword in your site or you’ve been naughty with backlinks :-)

huh…ok, so how can I manage to get myself up again?

I haven’t done anything “wrong” as i did as i always have and until now my store was always on first page for certain keywords for years (even before i moved to CS Cart). So i guess is the penguin that f#$% me up!

So any suggestions how can I move my cart up the ladder as it’s annoying to see my competitors on first two pages in google and I dropped from 1st to 3rd and lower :(

Go to google webmaster tools, >traffic>links to your site, download or view them and see where the unnatural backlinks are.

Have you paid for low quality links and keywords in the past, if so I suggest you check out the few tools available.

Seo tools for excel can help manipulate them all in an excel spreadsheet

and you could also make use of the disavow tool in Google for telling Google to ignore then bad boys.

overall best thing you can do is search for penguin 2 update info and identify if you are at risk.


Your first step would be to decide what words and phases you need to rank I for.

When you have those download this free software if you don't have any other ways.


Add your words and phases to that and run it

Thats will tell you where you stand now.

Then simply add content and fill in all the SEO titles, descriptions inclduing those words and phases where applicable.

Then try to get backlinks from worthy sites - although thats harder then it sounds. Here's a starting place

Finally work our social networks - tweet those words and phases with links to your products, talk about it on Facebook etc

beware. the next roll out of Gs is to be more pro active in finding unnatural keyword or advert links whic most of are 3rd parties, also most of which are built up almost "overnight instead of a period of weeks/months/years.

little and often is the key


thanks for suggestions. I will look at this to see how can i improve my site position.

my company is very well active on FB & twitter as we post a lot of promotions, sales, new products, etc, but still finding the link on google now is quite difficult!

Also, I haven’t payed for any links. I have checked the links to my site and i know 99% of them (slovenia is a small place :D ) they’re all related to what i’m selling so, i can say 99% that none of them are “low quality” or bad links. Maybe there’s some pages that in general are not related but they’re good sites (forums) in which the topic was about products im selling and our name was mentioned there.

I did however added in webmaster tools my site 3 times

  1. with http
  2. without http
  3. https (as my whole site runs through https), but in this one it says under index status: Data for is not available. Please try a site with

    So could this be the problem?



    I did contact my friend who has IT company to make the optimization of my site. Would this help?