My Kingdom For A Basic Guide

I'm not quite sure where to put this but I figure the 'general' forum is a good a place as any.

I'm new to CS-Cart and so require a little hand-holding while I find my feet. Unfortunately every time I turn to the Knowledge Base I find either no answer or an answer that only refers to an older version and is, therefore, not applicable. Even (you would think) simple, beginner, things like changing text in the footer becomes a pain, despite going through the reference guide. There doesn't seem to any basic guide to where stuff lives (like text strings and common CSS styles). I've already been around the block, getting confused to all this 'My Changes' add-on stuff when it now seems that you can place any custom CSS in the slot on the Theme Editor. Can you? It seems to work but I can't find any reference to that's how you now do custom CSS anywhere.

I'm not a coder and I don't want to radically change the design; just do some basic stuff.

Have you read the developer documentation?

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Have you read the developer documentation?


Ha! Ha! As if the developer docs are any better…

Personally I learnt everything I know from the documentation, blog and reading release notes and there's nothing I haven't been able to do with my store yet including stuff a lot more advanced than what the OP is asking.

Every day I see question after question posted (not referring to this one) which is covered in the basic documentation yet people never seem to make the effort to actually read it so it's hardly any wonder there isn't a huge focus on documenting every aspect of the software.

I've used other carts and the level of information available about CS-Cart is light years ahead of them and one of them cost ten times what CS-Cart does.

I think the thing is that, obviously, everyone is at different levels. There are some that relish getting knee-deep in the code and others for whom the Theme Editor will cover everything they want to alter. I guess you could argue that if someone wants a shop that goes beyond the basics (whether that's in functionality or layout) then they should consider employing someone to do that but I'm sure there are plenty of cash-strapped, small shop, owners that fall into a middle ground of wanting (and being prepared) to do a little more than the basics that wouldn't really warrant a professional site designer anyway.

I have nothing but admiration if you've managed to do what you say (you're obviously far more intelligent than me) but I still feel it's a little frustrating to keep coming up against blank Knowledge Base entries or ones that don't apply anymore. A basic design primer that steps you through adjusting a basic layout (taking in the Theme Editor and customising a small amount of CSS) and teaches you the structure of how CS-Cart works can't be anything but beneficial to a lot of people.

To Nairda,

I ditto everything you said except you are even more knolwedegable than Me. I need a CS-Cart 4 for Dummies. I am having to use the help desk for things that I cannot do or understand. They are very accomadating but very busy and somethings take time (usually 2-3 days) and some things are charged. But like you said, I can't afford more.

I'm to old to learn the languages of the web. Good luck with your request.