My first v3 Site

I finally went live with my first v3 site yesterday.

I was able to import all the products from the old cart we had been using for the last 10 years, Quikstore.

It took some learning, but I was amazed I was able to come very close to our old design by just using the Block Manager and CSS. I did not have to modify any code or use any hooks.

We are using the Ultimate edition and I will be converting my customers other stores over shortly.

I am very pleased with the results so far. V3 is a bit confusing but very powerful.

Comments welcome.


Looks quite nice David, clean & uncluttered!

Not sure about the orange and white colors used in your categories bar for the highlighted and selected categories, although it is just a personal preference.

I Like it too, Orange doesnt bother me any and think it looks good on the product added to cart pop up.

I like your idea of having a Brands section in the cat bar.



I had a quick look, the layout is nice and uncluttered. Just noticed the product thumbnail images are the same size as the zoomed in image. I also tried GTMetrix to test how a V3 site performed, but looks like you may not have optimized, not sure if css join option has been enabled (currently 13 seperate css files). Also KeepAlive is not enabled on the server, adding 97ms extra for each request.

The website has a nice focussed product range, which will help Google understand what the website is about.