My first 24 hours with CS-Cart

Okay this isn’t really a question but more of a statement. :smiley: I did about two weeks worth of research deciding which cart to use when I took a shotgun to my old Zen Cart website. In short, my top 3 were PrestaShop, X-Cart and CS-Cart. PrestaShop is a hoax. It’s not open source and it’s true cost would have been $1,057 for everything needed (I still had to do all the work and it still included no support at that price!). X-Cart spooked me when doing research because several people had been kicked out of their forum and some even had their license revoked rendering their cart investment a total loss. CS-Cart seemed to have everything I needed, a great community and really no reason not try it with the community version begging me to install it where the shotgun hole was still warm.

I read several people’s comments about taking anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month to learn your way around the back end. Well I have to say, I already feel like I’m further along in my first 24 hours using CS-Cart then I was with 2 years of Zen Cart! Now I may only have one (yes one, that’s not a typo) product listing, but I’ve already got FedEx, USPS, Check/Money Order, Amazon Payments and PayPal working. Contact page, About page and all the Logos are in place too. (I just signed up with FedEx and Amazon today so I’m quite pleased to have those two modules working already!)

Over the next couple of days I’ll start populating with content and will likely pull the trigger on the professional edition before I get much further in case I don’t have a smooth upgrade experience. I’m quite impressed with this cart but the “basic” theme that comes with the community version is killing me! My sites vanity is going to cost me!

Congratulations… Some people “get it” quickly and others seem to struggle with the paradigms. Glad you “got it”.

Before you venture too far off into the wilderness, when you get your Professional version and change skins; before you make any modifications to the templates for the skin make sure you understand “hooks” and how to use them for your modifications. It will save you countless hours of upgrade time and closed-store time in the future.

Search the forums. And for a basic understanding you can read: [url][/url].