My Early Observations

I am still in the basics of getting information transferred to the beta and having a tough time doing so due to little changes here and there. While I see, but haven’t even explored, the new features, I am disappointed in seeing some things missing from the older version mainly Manufacturers. I am really not impressed with the way it looks but the way it functions is nice. It seems to be buggy in IE6 but works well with FF3.

I know it’s in the early stages but I really don’t see this one being able to go live with for quite some time.?

P.S. I would really hate to be the one who has to write the manual for this. It’s probably going to take them as long as it did to write the software if not longer. LOL

Edit: What I really don’t understand is the developer team obviously does not look in these forums and look at the requests we have made and/or integrate the mods and/or tweaks that are posted by us users???

I also like the new Admin area and the way larger images displays to the customer, but I see a lack of e-commerce new features.

  1. Required options

  2. The ability to see a simple list view of the cart. Allowing customers to choose to view the products in the cart without all the fluff.

  3. Ability to select different template looks for different products or categories. Basically choose a template file in the admin area for a product or category. For example, for some basic products we might want to use a simple list view (no photos or options)

  4. Choose between horizontal and vertical category menu.

  5. Ability to add a descriptive sentence for an option or a link to view more information.

  6. Options for Configurator products

  7. Ability to add more tabs across the top from the Admin area.

    Like I said, I like the new admin area, but I do think the font is a little large. The new Design Mode is really nice, but does it also show the variables and their data like the old Template debugging console? The Block Design is a major improvement over Listmania.

    So far, a good start, but I hope some of my requets can make it into the final product.

manufacturers are now created through the product features functionality:


[quote name=‘snorocket’]manufacturers are now created through the product features functionality:


yea, snorocket is right. we will also extend product features in the stable release so that each manufacturer(created via features) has its own page with image, description, meta information etc. and a new block with selected features only can be added on the storefront

this way of management allows to create several advanced product groupings like manufacturers, brands etc.