my design is causing probs only in safari...

I moved my mini cart to the top right hand side and INSIDE the drop down I added the sidebox shipping estimator. It works great in all browsers except safari. In safari, when you add an item in the cart, the red loading ajax get’s stuck and does not go to green. The item is added to the cart but the pop up confirming this does not work…

If I move it just outside the drop down it works, but obviously it does not work for our design.

url: (replace stars)


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure it’s a javascript thing, but have not figured it out.

The way cs-cart works is that they use Javascript to update the cart contents and then update the “contents” of the DIV that contains the cart object. So when you move these types of objects within the layout you have to move the entire surrounding DIV (otherwise known as a container). The Javascript looks for a DIV with the class of ‘xxx’ (where xxx is the class associated with that object) and then does a replacement of the contents of the entire DIV. It also does an asynchronous call to dispatch=checkout.add to add the item to the cart.

Hope this helps explain why it may not be working.

ok, so I moved the entire block, but added the shipping ajax for sidebox. This seems to work functionally, but now the ajax pops under my menu bars. I have tried using z-index in the css but it does not seem to work. :frowning: