My Checkout Process is Asking for a "Starting Date" ...Huh?

I just did a sample order from my store and saw that in addition to asking for an expiration date, I'm somehow also asking for a “start date” for credit card purchasers.

It wouldn't let me continue while leaving it blank, but did let me complete the checkout process after putting in an arbitrary date. But when it did go through, it treated it as TWO separate orders!

In the back end, I have “cc.tpl” selected as my template. It is greyed out, making it impossible to select anything else.

In all my years purchasing things on the internet, I have never heard of a “starting date”. Obviously this is costing me sales, and accounts for many of the abandoned carts I've had.

My payment processor is “pay pal pro”. I've done sample orders before, and never remembered this unnecessary and confusing field as part of the process.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Have you checked the settings for Credit Cards in your admin, they have the option to show/hide the start date for each card type?


Thanks John, that fixed it!

For some reason American Express was the only card that had “starting date” checked. While I was there, I realized I could also disable some of the more obscure payment methods too.

Thanks again!