My Changes

Hi, Can anyone help me. I have looked through this forum regarding the issue my_changes.

I have tried several times to use it but it won’t work.

The changes I have made where as followed:

I have created the folder my_changes


In this folder I added an file calles styles.css with an small change:


[color=#0000cd]/* Main styles */

.header {

background: #FFFFFF;


.main {

background: #FFFFFF;[/color]

Only wanted to test if my background would go to white.

But nothing has changed. Still all the same.

Also tried the cache:

I have read several ways to do it. But at the moment I’m lost.

I solved it. Pffff :oops:

http://www.your_doma…om/admin.php?cc whas wrong in my case. My admin whas filled in wrong.

BUT: If I want to change an tpl file. For example the product details. Do I have to it different like the css file?

I want to put the productname not next to the image but above the image.