My Changes View.override.tpl Breaks Feature Hash

On all Category pages we have a sidebox that displays the list of Manufacturers of the products in that category. Manufacturer is a Feature. So, when you click on a Manufacturer name in the Sidebox the link becomes

/?features_hash=2-37 and only the products made by that manufacturer are displayed. Works fine.

We want to add an H2 tag below the Category name using My Changes. So, we copied the code between hook and /hook from the category view.tpl to My Changes > categories > view.override.tpl. This works and the new content is visible. But any change we make to the override code breaks the feature hash that filters the manufacturers. This occurs even if all we do is add a class to the first div tag.

ANy idea why the feature_hash filter would break by changing the view.tpl hook code?

To make ajax work properly, id of the div should be last parameter. E.g.

this will not work

this will work

Please try

Thank you eComLabs. I did not know that about the id being last. Thanks, it solved the problem and I am now able to use the override.

Attribute order should not be necessary. I'd report it as a bug if indeed it is required to be last for cs-cart's unique implementation of ajax requests.