my_changes does not work cs-cart 4.0

I followed instructions for my_changes here but they don't work. I want to create custom styles but my styles never show up in the complied css file


Are these instructions correct?

In instructions it says to create the styles.css in design/frontend/skins/basic/templates/addons/my_changes/ but that doesn't make sense since there is no directory called that. I assume they mean design/themes/basic/templates/addons/my_changes

I have template set to automatically compile.

Also, I have only one store. Does the default template automatically get selected if only one store?


I also have this problem. My Changes addon is ‘active’. But doesnt show up under skins/basic/templates/addons/

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You have to create my_changes folders. they don't provide the skeleton. So if you have both frontend and backend items as well as front/backend images and css, you get to populate files in 10 separate disjoint directories.


Create this maps and files:



And put this in

{style src=“addons/my_changes/styles.css”}


I also have a question here.

I sometimes used this method to create a design that is not so crazy, as an Addon.

Basically I used the mychanges method but as an Addon with its own folder in skins/customer/addons and an XML file for install in addons folder .

All this back in 30x. Now in v401, I tried to do the same by building the new folder structure for a custom Addon and styles.less for overriding styles but no luck. I see absolutely nothing.

Any suggestions?



Make sure you are using the proper paths for frontend/backend design//css, etc… Addon files are now scattered all over the place.

The file/folder structure was significantly changed in v4.

Here is a direct link to the documentation.