My Changes CSS Not Loading?

I want to change the color of the word SEARCH in the search box to darken it up … I went through the following process …

  1. Made Sure Add On My Changes was enabled

  2. Created a my_changes/hooks/index folder structure under store/skins/basic/customer/addons

    3 created a file in store/skins/basic/customer/addons/my_changes/hooks/index with the following text …

  3. I determined what style I wanted to ‘overwrite’ by viewing the source …

    It appeared that style cm-hint was setting the color …

  4. created styles.css in store/skins/basic/customer/addons/my_changes with the following text

    .cm-hint {

    color: #494949 !important;


    Anyway, nothing changed so to debug I started by viewing the home page source and while I see many addon style sheets being loaded, I found no reference to the css style sheet for my_changes being loaded.

    I compared my addon file and folder structures to add ons where style sheets were being loaded and it appears I have implemented it the same way and per the documentation instructions.

    Why would my my_changes style sheet not show being loaded in the home page source along with the other addon style sheets that are loading?

    Care to nudge me in the right direction … :) Is there some other settings I need to look at?

Did you clear the cart cache ?


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Did you clear the cart cache ?



So I launched the administrator with the cc parameter … took a sec to load and got to the login screen and I logged in. Then I launched the store and now my custom css is loading and is using my new style for the Search word …

Thanks a bunch!